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  1. Interactive Dynamic Database with Extensive Content
  2. Intuitive Interface - Security - Cookies
  3. Location Integration
  4. Creative Web Site Design & Hosting
  5. Brand Integrity
  7. The Future - Virtual Harvest
  8. Farm Fresh
  9. Return on Investment
  10. Free Web Pages
  11. The Present

1. Interactive Dynamic Database with Extensive Content

VMS has built the system for you to be interactive in buying and selling many products or services. You are a welcome participant and we desire to provide you with leading edge Internet marketing solutions. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions to contact

A premier feature is the interactive posting of products/services to the back office database. Few web sites have this ability. When you press the submit button, your ad is immediately available via any Internet connection.

Key Point: With a scanned or digital image of your product on your computer, you can upload that image with the corresponding ad. IMMEDIATELY! (Note 60K GIF or JPEG limit)

Key Point:The free form architecture of the database allows great flexibility to list your products. Simply type the product/manufacturer type in respective field.

Key Point: Check out the white papers examples: 6 classes of wheat, greater than 40 vegetables, over 200 breeds of cattle. VMS has the flexibility and comprehensiveness to cover the spectrum.

2. Intuitive Interface - Security

Simply click the lighthouse beacon on the left to bring you home. Notice the page title above the lighthouse.

Click the broad category in the left frame to take you to wheelsonline, AgEmart2100, livestock,etc. The horizontal navigation bars to go the sub categories. The design is simple, intuitive, and functional.

After initial registering, simply login with your email address to post new ads.


Credit card processing is provided through a secure server by a bank completely independent of Virtual Marketing Systems, Inc. and/or through certified product vendors.

Cookie policy

Electronic cookies are utilized to provide functionality to our shopping cart. The cookies are allowed to expire when your shopping is complete and are not used to carry or track credit card information at any time. Your credit card information is used only for processing and the number is not stored on our system.

Location Integration

Location, location, location, is that famous real estate slogan that has a lot of merit.

Within the modulars of VMS are most of the products needed by the food/fiber industry, whether the product is high oil corn for feeders or packing equipment for vegetable processors.

With the vendor directory, you can list to feature most any product. Your products are located where your customers are located.

The is truly a worthwhile service for most companies.

Location! Location! Location!

4. Creative Web Site Design & Hosting

Home pages to fully integrated web marketing system solutions. The scope of accessible expertise benchmark with the best of the net when it comes to site development. Have VMS create any level of web presence you need from a home page to an interactive dynamic database for your company.

  • Home pages
  • Static content web sites
  • Interactive web sites
  • Extranets & Intranets

    A major strength of VMS is the teamwork between VMS Associates that know the nuances of a product/service and the developers that specialize in html, perl, java, graphics, and databases.

    You will be expected to be part of that team if we create a web site for your product or company. You have the core knowledge necessary for VMS to create the ultimate web site or marketing system for you.

    As you have probably noticed, our site functions better than most sites in response time because that was one of the priorities in the original development plans.

    Your site hosted with VMS will be bench marked to function with the best on the web. Our hosting rates are competitive with the service and maintenance that is provided. All hosted material is backed up multiple times. Redundancy Galore!

    Brand Integrity

    Companies with specialty product lines often find it impractical or too expense to maintain catalog or sales web sites to feature only one or two products.

    With our shopping on line you keep your brand name and use a state of the art web shopping system. All products must be premier products with company guarantees of quality and integrity. VMS plans to feature only the best values for our customers.

    Even if your company already has a shopping system, our location should prove to be a valuable additional outlet for your product and/or service.

    The same principle applies to all vendors whether you are in real estate or are a car/farm machinery dealer.

    The web shopping system of Virtual Marketing Systems is like adding a cost-effective second store for your merchandise.

    6. is one of our proudest features of VMS.

    The component is located in the giant food/fiber industry to allow effective transportation coordination and efficiency.

    Properly utilized, this service can be a great advantage to any company that needs to transport by truck regardless of your industry.

    7. The Future -
    Virtual Harvest

    For entrepreneur value added processors that produce a premier product, VMS will be interested in the near future to market your product under the "Virtual Harvest" name brand.

    Co packing is an option with most products, so please contact us if you have that unique specialty that we may market together.

    8. Farm

    Everyone loves farm fresh products from melons to corn on the cob with that tender cut of beef.

    You have the option to list to buy/sell organic products. Homemakers to restaurant chefs can utilize the AgEmart2100 division to obtain most food products directly from Ag producers. Do you want organic produce or steaks? You can list in the component with state of the art web design.

    The eating enjoyment opportunities are yours.

    9. Return on

    Opportunities are high for a return of investment when you use Virtual Marketing Systems, Inc.

    With free or low listing fees your products/services are featured with cutting edge web technology for very efficient marketing cost.

    With VMS's shop on line, you will be pressed to find a more effective method to promote and sell your products or service.

    Even with your own web site, VMS is a great investment for the potential revenue returns as a primary and/or as an additional outlet for your company.

    We are very proud of the opportunities and features of VMS. With version 1.1 we have only begun.

    Free Web Pages

    For many related non profit organizations VMS will create, host and maintain a web presence for your organization. Please contact us by email web for more information.

    11. The Present

    The Internet is not the future but the present!

    Thank you for your support. We are ready to serve you with any project you envision!

    "Using technology to create opportunities"

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