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A Division of Virtual Marketing Systems, Inc. provides opportunities for the food and fiber industry through Electronic Marketing Systems and progressive technologies.

This Virtual Agricultural Company was founded by producers of Agricultural commodities to be a one stop source for marketing agricultural products.

A most warm welcome to AgEmart2100 of Virtual Marketing Systems, Inc. AgEmart 2100 is an abbreviation for Agricultural Electronic Market for the twenty first century. The company was founded by commodity producers to be a one stop source for marketing products and related services.

Use real-time classified ads to buy/sell cars, trucks, farm equipment, organic foods, field crops, ornamental horticultural products, vegetables, livestock, real estate and logistics applications.

Value-Added products can be marketed through the secure online store. Please contact us for details. is designed to be functional and simple to use for those of you in a hurry and relaxing for those of you that have a moment to linger. If there are any products or services that will expedite your ability to market your products please email to contact.

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